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tenuta rustica etna extra virgin olive oil wine 



The 3 rooms, ranging in size from 35 to 42 square metres, are the spirit of the estate.
Their names are emblematic of our genii locorum, three powerful animals: the Lion, the Sparrowhawk and the Fox.

Each rooms come to life from a long conservative restoration which preserved the original architectural elements such as the ancient ribbed vaults,

the Sicilian terracotta floor tiles, the oak doors, the stone masonry walls as well as the historic family furnishings.



Overlooking the garden of the villa, with an exclusive view of Rocca Pizzicata,

the Leone room enjoys one of the most evocative panoramas of the estate. 


The private terrace offers you an astonishing look of Mt. Etna and the vineyards. The name of the room derives from the enigmatic zoomorphic figure that emerges from the sandstone rock of Rocca Pizzicata,

the pre-Greek rock site located behind the villa.


The headboard with the initials of the barons Benedetto and Giuseppina Fisauli of Casalgiordano was made on the occasion of their wedding in 1885.


The spacious Sparviero room is located on the first floor,

where the noble Baroness Peppina Fisauli of Casalgiordano once stayed.


The Sicilian terracotta floor tiles and the vaulted ceilings reveal

the close link with the history of the estate.


Like the bird of prey that often flies over the estate,

the Sparviero is a tribute to our wine born here in 1968

from the mind of Baron Giuseppe Fisauli.


Ethereal symbol, that quintessence which according to Aristotle is added to the other known elements: fire, water, earth, air.



Radiated by the morning light, the Volpe room is located on the ground floor in what was once the domestic wing of the house.


A silent alcove with stone walls,

ideal for those who aspire to a more intimate room.

We are lucky enough to rarely see it, because the Fox comes out at dusk when our senses are befuddled. 

This mystical animal belongs to an intermediate time and space.

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